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Welcome to the Art of Untold Stories

  As a child, I carried stories around in my pockets. Charms, prizes from gum ball machines and Cracker Jacks, bits of colorful paper, rocks and shiny objects became the characters.

   Exploring skeletons of the demolished brownstones in my neighborhood yielded wallpaper scraps, tiles and wood. all these inspired my curiosity about who had lived there, how they lived and where they found themselves next. The questions still continue.....

  Today, one of my favorite ways to find inspiration is to search out and photograph abandoned buildings and towns. while exploring factories, asylums, prisons, schools, and theaters, the patterns in peeling paint, cobwebs, and broken glass keep my camera clicking and me wondering. It is not unusual to see me gather bits and pieces off the ground that later appear in my work. The beauty is in the details and in finding the fragments of stories beneath the layers of paint , rust, and tangled vines.

   As a mixed media artist. I combine elements of collage and assemblage using a variety of techniques. Layering photographs and hand painted papers with genuine pieces of the past, such as vintage and found objects, documents, and worn textiles evoke a sense of time and place .

   My purpose is to set the scene and hint at a story for the viewer. When the viewer connects through feeling and memory, they create their own unique story. This enables the art to become personal and allows the castoff pieces to find new lives.


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